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Pump 101: An introduction to "Stairs"
Saturday, May 21, 2011
What are stairs?
'Stairs' is the term used for certain 'patterns' in pump-charts.
Here is an example:

As you can see, with a little imagination, the above image forms a 'wave'.
Here are some common, and alternative, names for stairs:
+ Waves
+ Ladders

I will, however, call them stairs (Though, I prefer the term ladders) through out the tutorial as Andamiro calls them stairs.

Alternating your feet's movement
If you're a Second-Gen Pumper (believe it or not, I am not from the first generation of pumpers in Singapore ;O) you should be familiar with the term 'Matic-movement' but let us not confuse all you newbies here!

I will discuss a technique of playing pump with you all.
Dear readers, how do you all walk?
I trust you walk by putting one foot in front of the other in an alternating fashion!

Look at the picture below, this is how you should walk:

Ignore the fact that it's an ugly stick man for a moment and concentrate on how it is walking.
1) Left leg in front
2) Right leg in front
3) Left leg in front
4) Right leg in front
5) Repeat steps 1 till 4

It is alternating its feet's movement as it walks.
This is an important concept in pump!

When most newbies play pump, they play by using only one leg to hit almost all the arrows!
This is wrong.

You walk by alternating your feet's movement.
You pump by alternating your feet's movement.

You would NEVER walk by moving only one leg.
You should, also, never pump by moving only one leg!

Reasons for pumping like how you walk:
+ Two legs are better than one
+ Two legs are faster than one
(Try hopping 100m faster than you can run to see what I mean)
+ Two legs have more stamina than one
+ Two legs look more cool than one

Types of stairs
Here is a flowchart (And a list) that shows all the types of stairs I can think of:

As you can see, there are 12 types (That is a lot) but they can all be easily conquered by remembering to alternate your feet's movement!
(Yes, I keep reminding you to alternate your movements so it must be important!)

How to alternate your feet's movement
I keep ranting on about why you should alternate your feet but have yet to tell you how!
Remember the very first image of this tutorial?
It was of a stair-pattern.
What type?
It was a Full M-Stair (Left)

I shall now show you the image again but, this time, with added notes:

You will notice that I have appended the arrows with the letters 'L' and 'R'.
You will also notice, as you progress through the 'chart', that 'L' and 'R' appear in an alternating fashion.
'L' on an arrow means to press the arrow with your left foot.
'R' on an arrow means to press the arrow with your right foot.

Try and clear the above pattern by alternating your feet!
Not difficult, am I right?

Let us move on to the rest of the 'M-Stairs'.
As we progress, follow each chart till the end and make sure to alternate your feet!

Full M-Stairs (Right)

Half M-Stairs (Left)

Half M-Stairs (Right)

Quarter M-Stairs (Left)

Quarter M-Stairs (Right)

This post was made @ 2:13 AM
Articles Section Fixed
Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Fixed minor bug where the Pro2 Song List disappeared

This post was made @ 4:20 PM
Fiesta GSTs Added!
Monday, March 7, 2011
I have added 32 new songs to the downloads section.
You read right;THIRTY TWO SONGS.

They're all Fiesta GSTs.
The OSTs are coming up soon.
Until then; Keep Pumping!


This post was made @ 4:21 AM
Lack of MP3 updates
Sunday, March 6, 2011
I apologize for the lack of MP3 updates.
I have been going out too much recently.

They'll be up by tomorrow, I guess

This post was made @ 10:43 PM
Fiesta EX Downloads
Saturday, March 5, 2011
The downloads section is up and running, people!
But because I don't have many (If any) readers, I've resorted to this..
The downloads section uses a 'point' system.

You can earn a maximum of 10points a day.
You earn points by commenting in the CBox.
One comment = 10 points.

So you only have to comment once a day, any more won't gain you more points.
When you have enough points, go to the downloads section and select whatever it is you want to download.

Then, you will be given a link and a password.
1) Open a new tab or window
2) Copy + Paste the link into the new window
3) Copy + Paste the password
4) Click 'Unlock File'
5) Download
6) Listen
7) ???
8) Orgasm Party

Don't be sad that you only get 10points a day.
You can try working with other people to get the rest of the links and passwords =P

This post was made @ 1:26 PM
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